We are celebrating our 55th year on a journey that began in 1968. We are steadily progressing in all sectors in which we operate as a group. The happiness and satisfaction of our employees and customers are the keys to the success of the Merko Group.

The Merko Group started its first activity as a laundry in 1968. This initial venture, established with the vision of leading and responding to the needs of the textile sector, was successfully operated for 30 years. The knowledge gained over the years continued to grow through the establishment of a ready-to-wear clothing and production facility.


Our values

All of our employees within the group are valuable to us. Our employees have always been considered as part of our company culture. In all of our endeavors, the comfort and well-being of our employees have been a top priority. Today, our employees have been the driving force behind the success of the Merko Group. As we develop projects for a more sustainable future, we will continue to prioritize "people first" as we have done in the past.

A happy, peaceful, and work environment where employees feel valued is among the priorities of our group. 

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Our sustainability line

The concept of sustainability is not just about protecting the environment. For us, sustainability encompasses the protection of natural resources and the environment, the rights of people, and the provision of healthy and fair working conditions for workers. Additionally, this concept also includes the long-term success of the Merko Group and the provision of products that meet customer expectations.

There are many factors involved in sustainability. These include efficient use of natural resources, waste reduction and recycling, energy efficiency, environmentally friendly production methods, workers' healthy and fair working conditions, ethical production, and providing products that meet customer expectations.


Merko Group operates major brands in the fields of textiles and ready-to-wear, information technology, and security. Our expert teams provide services, especially in ready-to-wear production, piece dyeing, denim washing, and fabric dyeing & finishing facilities, to the world's leading brands.